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Since I was tagged in the 6 selfie tag, I’ll post mine tomorrow.

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alirezayn kartari paynekink mainheaux genderfluidniall have at it :) 


Favorite 8 selfies of 2k14 since I couldn’t narrow it to only 6 🙇

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Lmao a yung nigga got a real crappy webcam :/ so I hardly ever take pictures :/ but yeah here are my 6 selfies . I was tagged by problackgirl 

So I guess Imma tag theblackandgreenmartian thebayouprincess journalisticjoe theelusivebloggeur and whoevea wanna throw some selfies my way????

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Reblog if you don’t have a girlfriend cause you focused on school

Me: *shows my dad my Texas Politics textbook that came in the mail.*
Dad: *flips through it till he sees a picture of Rick Perry*
Dad: Ahhhhh!!!!
Dad: ...
Dad: Can I draw him sucking a dick?
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I’m trying to pay my tuition, housing, and meal plan for university, but THEY MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT. 

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white people always claim white people had locs first but did yall invent AN ACTUAL locing method or was it just yalls hair was dirty as fuck because like…. yall only started bathing regularly around 1980 but… haha do ya thing… —neckboi saying the best thing i’ve seen all day  (via fyeahcracker)


six selfies yenno

Reblog if ur gay and Capitalism needs to go


Caroline and Brooklyn at Jay and Dan’s wedding - 20.07.2014 (x)

all my black and brown girls in academia, take a moment right now (or later, it’s cool) to remind yourself that you are the shit

The only desirable level of fame I want is where tweens make RP post using my photos in my tag on Tumblr.

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